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Voice Mail
"Hello. This is Raven. I apologize for circumstances rendering me unable to answer the phone. If you would like, you may leave me a message, and I will speak to you when I return."


The package had reached Ulrich days ago. Quite a surprise, since he had never actually received a message from another world before. It had taken a while to understand the whole of the message from Lady Momoko, but the smile that lit his face was brilliant when he did:

Raven's had a bad few days and since it's her birthday, I thought maybe it would cheer her up if some of the kids could send her a note for her birthday?

He'd quickly called in the older kids. He wasn't even halfway through explaining it to them about the Healer's upcoming birthday before they were off to the winds (not literally) to work on stuff and spread the word to the younger ones. Ulrich took a moment, then set himself to penning a letter to his neighboring orphanages. If Lady Raven needed cheering up, he was going to see that it happened!

And so it was that days were spent in preparation and yesterday Ulrich had requested assistance of his older kids who had been apprenticed out to round up the items. And now a wagon was heading through Sidra on its way to the Queen's residence to see the Healer to wish her a happy birthday. On board were a few former orphans bearing handmade gifts from the kids of the orphanages near Enberch. The handwavy gifts varied, depending on the age of the children - some were recognizable, like the carved animals and the whistles, the necklaces, and at least one handmade skirt that three girls had devoted themselves to sewing.

There were also piles of flowers, the real ones were charmed to keep them fresh during the trip, but there were also ones made of fabric and paper. One of the youths who had personally been healed by Lady Raven during the War had since been apprenticed to a blacksmith, but he'd sent along a lilly-shaped candle holder. It was rough, but 'showed promise', the coursely written note from his master explained.

Some of the other gifts... well, who knows what they were supposed to be in most cases; hopefully Lady Raven liked yarn and sticks tied together, dolls cut from butcherpaper decorated with wildberry paints or made of plants, and drawings that looked like stick figures playing with a giant smoke-covered happy face stickfigure.

All of this totally put Momoko's actual gift of a nice sari-style dress to shame, but that was okay as long as Raven smiled.

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